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Our slender, short haired Flamstone Abyssinian cats are a very active, fun and questioning breed of cats.

Typically our Flamstone Abyssinian's come in a variety of colours, including usual, blue, tortoiseshell and silver.

Flamstone Abyssinian's are very lively cats, and are very inquisitive, curious, intelligent and active. They enjoy the company of humans and give a lot of loyalty to loving owners.

They boast a stunning muscular frame, large ears and appealing almond eyes.

An Abyssinian cat is one of the world's oldest breeds. You may see the resemblance between our Flamstone Cats and pictures or sculptures of ancient Egypt cats. However, you can also see the Abyssinian coat pattern is reminiscent of the large African wild cats who provide the ancestry of all pedigree cats today.

The exact beginning of the Abyssinian breed is unknown and many opinions thrive. Recently it has been reported that the origin was most likely derived from the coasts of the Indian Ocean, and South East Asia. The Abyssinian breed though has been refined in England over the past century and was exported to America in the 1930 and today that export forms the basis of the breeding program in America.

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